Diamond DA 40 NG

Whether you are a new pilot looking for the perfect first aircraft, an experienced aviator with discerning tastes or a flight school of a high quality standard, buying a DA40 New Generation is always a smart decision. The modern and safe composite aircraft with advanced avionics and the sophisticated Austro Engine 168 hp AE300 diesel engine running on Jet-A1 is an exceptional IFR (Instrumental Flight Rules) platform, both for training and travelling. You’ll be impressed by its excellent flight characteristics, remarkable fuel-efficiency and the stunning panoramic visibility out of the canopy.

Year: 2017, delivered new from factory 2017
Registration Number: LN-FTV
Total Time Since New: 3009:15
Engine Time Since Overhaul: 1238:25
Propeller Time Since Overhaul: 1801:40
Avionic/Radios: Fully integrated Garmin G1000NXi flight deck, TAS
Exterior: White, blue and black trim lines, Heated Pitot Tube, High-gloss Multi-Layer Paint, LED Landing and Taxi Lights LED Position and Strobe Lights, optional tall canopy, wheel fairings
Interior: Leather Interior, Sun Glare Shields and Canopy Lining, 28 V Power Supply Socket Instrument Lighting, Overhead Cabin Light Baggage Extension with Separate Compartment
Additional Equipment: First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher, Emergency Axe
Remarks: Always maintained to highest standards
Price: €385 000 plus mva.