DA40 Series

Whether you are a new pilot looking for the perfect first aircraft, an experienced aviator with discerning tastes or a flight school of a high quality standard, buying a DA40 New Generation is always a smart decision. The modern and safe composite aircraft with advanced avionics and the sophisticated Austro Engine 168 hp AE300 diesel engine running on Jet-A1 is an exceptional IFR (Instrumental Flight Rules) platform, both for training and travelling. You’ll be impressed by its excellent flight characteristics, remarkable fuel-efficiency and the stunning panoramic visibility out of the canopy.

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Benefits of Ownership

Safety & Economy

Diamond Aircraft Industries is an Austrian composite aircraft manufacturer serving customers all over the world. The company builds the safest, most efficient piston aircraft flying today, for flight schools, private operators, governmental organizations and remote sensing companies.

Vision, Goal & Promise

Our vision: Revolutionize general aviation. Our Goal: Set the highest standards possible in aircraft production and development. Our Promise: Combine the most progressive materials and technology to deliver highly reliable, economic aircrafts that are less damaging to the environment while never scarifying performance, safety or beauty.

The Owner

“I sat in a lot of planes before making my decision. My DA40 feels a lot like a European sports car. When you sit in a Porsche and you touch or reach for something, it’s so well designed that I feels like someone really paid attention to all the details, right down to the font used on the speedometer. I feel as though my Diamond is like that – a talented team put a lot of thought into it. They started with a new idea, and each piece feels well considered and thought out.”

Colin Summers,
DA40 Owner, California


Consider the purchase of any aircraft as a long-term investment. The more flights you make, the less each flight costs compared to purchasing tickets on a commercial airplane.

A name you can trust

Scandinavian Aircraft is fully approved by Diamond Aircraft – we’re the only distribution center in Norway including a Service Center Facility – and we pass on their finest craftsmanship and reputation for quality to you in any aircraft you select.

Support whenever you need it

Our customers enjoy the best advice and support throughout their ownership – and even before, with our reassuring finance plans. From our local dealership, we run our own service centre for your convenience.

Try before you fly

When you contact us to enquire about any aircraft, we’ll provide a no-obligation quote. You will then have the opportunity to register for demonstration viewings and flights for the models you’re interested in.

The personal touch

We’re not a faceless organization, and we care about much more than just making a sale. Our inviting center is run by friendly dealers who are true experts in their field. You will receive a warm welcome and our trusted, honest advice on which model will best suit your needs.