Diamond DA 42 NG

You want to continue flying where single engine pilots have no more option? Then the DA42NG is your first choice! Built out of light-weight, strong glass and carbon fiber and powered by two Austro Engine top-of-the-line 168 hp AE300 jet fuel.

Year: 2019, delivered new from factory 2019
Registration Number: LN-PFD
Total Time Since New: 3126:50
Engine Time Since New: 1319:35
Propeller Time Since Overhaul: 720
Avionic/Radios: G1000NXi, GFC 700 AP, TAS610, WX 500 Stormscope, ADF, DME.
Exterior: White, blue and black trim lines, Heated Pitot Tube, High-gloss Multi-Layer Paint, LED Landing and Taxi Lights LED Position and Strobe Lights, optional Bubble canopy.
Interior: Leather Interior, 28 V Power Supply Socket Instrument Lighting, Overhead Cabin Light, Baggage Extension.
Additional Equipment:

Optional Tall Canopy, Long-range Auxillary Fuel Tanks, Avidyne TAS, Tablet Mounts, Sheepskin Seat Covers,

WX-Radar GWX70, TKS De-icing system.

Remarks: Always Diamond Service Center maintained to highest standards.
Price: €840 000,- plus mva.